Oceanemo and FunAir teams up for the Singapore Yacht Show

OCEA NEMO will be at the Singapore Yacht Show, which will be held from April 6th to 9th at the Marina Sentosa Cove in Singapore, with partner FunAir.


The two company partner up in 2016 with the aim to offer OCEA NEMO owners new possibilities to enjoy the outdoor life, in a fun, exciting and healthy way.


Eighteen months after the first model’s launch, the OCEA NEMO Sport Utility Yacht series has already conquered the European market; such success, and the excellent market response, is the final reason why French shipyard OCEA, following a series of investments, decided to welcome in its range the concept developed by Aldo Manna: OCEA NEMO thus officially became part of the OCEA product offer. The shipyard aims at enhancing the project, while at the same time granting an optimal product management, especially since several negotiations have been initiated and are now at an advanced stage. One of the most obvious consequences of the project’s integration in the shipyard range is the integration of the OCEA logo within the brand OCEA NEMO, symptom and symbol of a highly-desired marriage finally realized.


The new SUY concept – created by entrepreneur Aldo Manna and brought to life by award-winning naval architect Fulvio De Simoni – has revolutionized the market, offering a new generation of luxury yachts able to attract a younger audience. All the models in the OCEA NEMO series feature an exceptional exploitation of the volumes onboard, allowing the embarkation of a very large quantity of tenders, amenities and toys. Owners will have the possibility to choose from this wide selection offered by FunAir, the American company worldwide renowned for its highest quality inflatable yacht toys, lighter and easier to deploy.


For the first time OCEA NEMO will present its 3 models, the 33, 44 and the recently launched 55 metre, to the Asian market. Visitors at the Singapore Yacht Show will admire a scaled model of the OCEA NEMO 44-meter Sport Utility Yacht on display at the FunAir stand; the model will have 3D printed examples of some of the FunAir portfolio.


Presented at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016, the new OCEANEMO 55  – the latest addition to the OCEANEMO series – the range of Sport Utility Yachts designed by Fulvio De Simoni for the French shipyard OCEA.

Principality of Monaco – 30 September 2016. After the success of the 33m and 44m models, the design phase of the largest sport utility Yacht in the OCEANEMO series has come to its conclusion, and Monte Carlo sees the debut of the OCEANEMO 55m.

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The upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival will see OCEANEMO presenting the new OCEANEMO 33 project that follows the renowned OCEANEMO 44. This has been a challenge almost to the limit of the impossible for the OCEA shipyard and the designer, Fulvio De Simoni: synthesizing all the characteristics of a Sport Utility Yacht into just 100 feet length. The new OCEANEMO 33 is the only model in the world that can simultaneously hangar indoors an 8-meter owner’s tender, a 4.5-meter tender for the crew and 2 jet skis.

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The multi-year partnership with OCEA, leading shipyard in France for the construction of military ships and aluminum boats, led the entrepreneur Aldo Manna to develop the OCEANEMO project, jointly with the French shipyard and the world-renown yacht-designer, Fulvio De Simoni. Aldo Manna created the first Sport Utility Yacht, a revolutionary new yacht concept, which presents a series of models which are one of kind for functionality, aesthetics and space conceptions: the OCEANEMO range developed in three projects: m33, m44 and m55.

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