Luca D’Ambrosio


Founder of Net2Web (business incubator with a focus on the web industry) and creator of, the web portal dedicated to the world of yachting and sailing, Luca D’Ambrosio was CEO and president of the Visiant Group until 2014, when he founded his own web company, that immediately became leader in its industry.


Which was the original idea behind

The web portal was born from an intuition that led us to fill a market niche that was so far unexplored. We didn’t wanto to create a classic website, neither a one-stop-shop about navigation, but rather a virtual place where every user’s request could be satisfyed. The idea is to provide a wide range of informations and services with a unique web portal, so that users won’t have to navigate from one website to another to search and obtain the information or the services they are looking for. Since the very beginning we received great feedback and users kept coming back to our portal with different requests.


Which sections were born with the web portal?

The first sections of the web portal were Schede Barche, Arti e Mestieri, Didattica and il Portolano online (Boats database, Nautical Arts and Crafts, Nautical didactics, Harbours and Mooring). Then, step by step, we increased the offer by adding more sections to provide the users a wider range of services.


Which was the most successful service?

The Virtual Boat Show section, which opened in September and immediately obtained the 20% of the whole portal traffic, and then the Magazine. However, when analizing the browsing data, for a lot of sections we have to take into account the seasonality (i.e. the Harbours and Mooring section is largely frequented during April, May and September); success is, consequentely, depending on the period of the year.


Which was (and still is) the most satisfactory one?

The Magazine, with no doubts. On an emotional level, we find very satisfying to actually create it and this probably is quite obvious, because an increasing number of readers keep showing a great enthusiasm and interest about it.


Do you have any new ideas about the future of the portal?

The next step is the internationalization, which will happen very soon. The portal will be released in four new languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian. We will cover up a wide area of international users.


Can you tell us something very important to you about

I’d really like to remember that is a media system that refused the traditional one-way layout in order to embrace a new bidirectional one. Our social media part consists of Twitter and Facebook (the most active ones), Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, but shortly we will add also an Instagram profile. has been the first sailing and yachting media of this kind, and still is quite unique in its format. It suits different needs and follow different mechanisms: this has chaned the way of communicating news and services. That’s the most important characteristic – and the most innovative – of our portal.