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Genoa International Boat Show

The Genoa International Boat Show is the most important boat show in Italy and, together with the ones in Cannes and Monaco, represent one of the must-be events in Europe for shipyards, brokers, boating enthusiast and yachting Companies.


The Case

In 2014, in a market greatly reduced and still in transformation, the Company I Saloni Nautici was founded; initially thought as a joint venture between UCINA and Fiera di Genova, due to several problems it later featured Ucina as sole shareholder. I Saloni Nautici main focus was the Genoa Boat Show organization; the request was for an agency that could serve as press office for the event. Four were the main requirements that such agency had to meet: technical expertise, good relationship with foreign media, ensure a constant visibility  on national and local media, ability to handle over 1,000 journalists during the exhibition.


The Cannes Boat Shows was increasingly earning  great importance as showcase for yachts from 18 to 30 meters, a field in which the Genoa Boat Show was traditionally very strong. The two exhibitions had the same target, were geographically close and were held in the same period.  The Genoa Boat Show was undergoing a rebranding process and needed – in a very short time –  to reposition itself on the international market, particularly  in the yachting and lifestyle fields, while mantaining its leadership in Italy.


In close collaboration with Studio Effeerre we created a  highly specialized, dynamic team, able to provide quick and complete solutions according to the client’s requests.

An intense communications campaign was developed, with weekly press releases, so to keep a high visibility, two press conferences were organized to present all the news as well as the side event organized by UCINA (such as  foreign operators incoming or the several agreements with new exclusive partners). To maximize the message diffusion we worked in close connection with the social media agency, at the same time we organized several interviews with I Saloni Nautici top managers and executives on the main Italian media. Local media also were involved,  in relation to the geographical origin of the exhibitors.

As for the foreign press we organized an incoming of over a hundred foreign journalists from all around the world, and we made sure that the whole Exhibition had a good coverage on international press, also taking care of the journalists’ onsite reception and management.




Frauscher Bootswerft

Since 1927 the name Frauscher stands for innovative and high quality boats and yachts. Premium standards, modern design and a unique driving performance have made Frauscher boats what they are today: motor, electric and sailing yachts which inspire and arouse emotions.

Frauscher Italia

The Case

Frauscher is a historic brand, with more than 50 years of experience in the shipbuilding sector, a high quality product and excellent management. In 2008 began a collaboration with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli – still the only official importer of Frauscher boats in Italy – with the intention of strengthen its presence on the Italian market.


Although the Shipyard has a remarkable history and a great product, with already a good following among northern European enthusiast, the brand is virtually unknown in Italy, a market that has yet good potential. The request is for a professional support in elaborating and implementing a valid press office strategy.


In collaboration with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli and Frauscher’s marketing a medium-long term strategy was developed with the main goal to increase the brand recognition. Such strategy combined a daily press office activities with an effective advertising campaign, as part of a  media relations plan that has been kept constant over the time. Also, periodically  are organized events dedicated to top customers, Italian and foreign journalists. Press days, sea trials, interviews, onsite visits are some of the events planned on the occasion of new models’ launch.
As a result, currently the brand Frauscher is widely recognized in Italy as an icon of elegance and design, and the new models are welcomed with growing interest, both from the public and press.

Our clients

Evo Yachts

Evo Yachts is a young and enthusiast Italian shipyard with a focus on innovative and rule-breaking models, the shipyard made itself known to the nautical world with the new revolutionary model, EVO 43 joint by the new EVO Walkaround, world premiere at Cannes Yachting Festival 2017.

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Evo Yachts 43_external_open


Our collaboration with Evo Yachts

Our collaboration with the shipyard began on the occasion of the EVO43 launch; the shiptard first model was presented on the Italian and international market through an intensive media relation activities, as well as a series of events dedicated to top clients, influencers and journalist.

Press office activities are planned and implemented, in collaboration with Evo Yachts’ marketing department, so to constantly increase the interest around the model and the Shipyard, both in Italy and abroad.

Our clients

Frauscher Boats

Since 1927 the name Frauscher Boat stands for innovative and high quality boats and yachts. Premium standards, modern design and a unique driving performance have made Frauscher boats what they are today: motor, electric and sailing yachts which inspire and arouse emotions. In Italy brand’s models are imported by Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, Frauscher exclusive importer.


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Frauscher Boats 747 Mirage Air back-side view


Our collaboration with Frauscher Boats

The promotion activities carried on for Frauscher Boats are strongly linked with the activities implemented with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli.

After launching the brand Frauscher Italia in Italy we continue to promote the Shipyard and its model through media relations and press office activities, with contents dedicated to the Italian market and developed in collaboration with the Austrian marketing team. Together with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli we organize several events reserved to top customers, as well as Italian and International journalist, to promote new models’ launch and keep on increasing the Brand awareness.

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Our clients


The multi-year partnership with OCEA, leading shipyard in France for the construction of military ships and aluminum boats, led the entrepreneur Aldo Manna to develop the OCEANEMO project, jointly with the French shipyard and the world-renown yacht-designer, Fulvio De Simoni. Aldo Manna created the first Sport Utility Yacht, a revolutionary new yacht concept, which presents a series of models which are one of kind for functionality, aesthetics and space conceptions: the OCEANEMO range developed in three projects: m33, m44 and m55.

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Our collaboration with Oceanemo

Our projects with Oceanemo aims at developing a solid media relations plan and, through a constant press office activity, introducing the new brand and its services to a wider audience, in Italy and abroad. Strategic communication and editorial plans has been developed and implemented so to ensure a constant presence on the dedicated media, both traditional and online .

Our clients

Zuccon International Project

Founded in Rome by the architects Gianni Zuccon and his wife Paola Galeazzi, Zuccon International Project are highly skilled multidisciplinary architects and industrial designers. Active in various sectors producing designs for offices and especially yachts, they are considered a leading international design firm. Today, they are working extensively with four of the seven brands of the Ferretti Group. In 2013 launched the new brand Zuccon SuperYacht Design (ZSYD) dedicated exclusively to the superyacht sector.


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 La nuova generazione dello Studio Zuccon International Project. I figli dei fondatori, Bernardo e Martina Zuccon

Our collaboration with Zuccon International Project

Our project with the Study is carried on through constant media relations  and press office activities, so to increase the awareness and the visibility of the Brand and their project on the national and international media.

Interviews, editorials, adv campaigns are defined and monitored, to ensure a good coverage on the dedicated press.

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