Mc Yacht International and French shipyard Ocea presents Ocea Nemo 44: the first sport utility yacht

(press release) Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, Ocea Nemo 44 is an aluminum yacht conceived by MC Yacht & CO International for the French Shipyard Ocea Yacht. With a lenght of 44-meter, she features unprecedented spaces with accomodation for tenders, sailing boats and jet skis

  • New “Sport Utility Yacht” concept
  • Unprecedented open spaces compared to the size
  • Garage for 7,5 mt tender
  • Accommodation for a second tender, catamaran, sailing or sportfishing boat on a 130 square-meter half-deck
  • Designed by Fulvio De Simoni
  • Engineered and available for building at French Shipyard Ocea
  • Aluminum and superstructure hull
  • Deep keel, relatively narrow beam, vertical bow
  • Competitive price well under 20 million euros
  • Up to 5 Guests plus 1 Owner suites


Today, the first model of the Nemo Class, the 44-meter-long aluminium yacht is ready to be built. The idea behind Ocea Nemo 44 is having a yacht that can be enjoyed by her owner as a “floating Resort ”, capable of reaching the farthest  and most beautiful places on the water and stop-by to relax, with all the comforts already at disposal. Over 300 square meters of open-air spaces, a 25sqm beach club, a proper swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, floating and water toys: everything on board Ocea Nemo 44 is designed to give her owner the chance of enjoying a luxurious and relaxed lifestyle. Covered and indoor spaces include a 30sqm “ , lounges, wet bars, a 75sqm master suite with his- and her- bathrooms, a gym, and up to five  double rooms with private en-suite.

Aluminum construction, both for the hull and superstructure of Ocea Nemo 44, allows for gross tonnage under 500 tons, a real plus in terms of navigation compliances. This, and a relatively contained length, give the freedom to sail around the world and reach the most uncontaminated places on the sea, with the amenities normally found on units over 60-meter long.

Ocea Nemo 44 is a fully custom Superyacht. Every single detail, from the layout to the on-board entertainment, from the propulsion to the interior and exterior décor, can be chosen by her owner, in a tailor-made process that once again reaches an unprecedented level on a 44-meter yacht.

Aldo Manna, MC Yacht &Co. International Founder, says: “We are proud to announce the birth of Ocea Nemo 44, a revolutionary Yacht that we classified as SUY (Sport Utility Yacht). Ocea Nemo 44 will offer her owner the incredible features in terms of open spaces, amenities and navigation range, all within a length of 44 meters. The project by Fulvio De’ Simoni is something really innovative in the segment, with a unique look and many peculiar solutions. In addition, thanks to the vertical integration inside Ocea Yacht who will build Nemo, we are capable of offering her future owner the chance to fully customise his yacht, still exploiting important economies-of-scale. We are ready to go into production and to work along with the customer to make of Nemo a tailor dream come afloat”.

Ocea Nemo 44 has been conceived and designed, in order to outfit a full beam water-line garage, where an up to 8 metres length super-tender can be stowed (biggest tender on a 44 metres length yacht), able to commute guests from boat to harbour, which can be used as a day-cruiser either, together with a 5 metres crew-tender, a wakeboard runabout, wave-runners and an extensive selection of water toys, which are a must-have during sunny days on anchor.

On the Raised-Deck, in-between main and upper decks, you can have in the meantime a 40 knots-speed Walk-around, a sailing Day-Cruiser, or a deep-sea Submarine.

As far as outdoor layouts, we aimed to offer the best in terms of good life on board, starting from a 25 square metres Beach-Club that, together with above mentioned raised and upper decks, bring open-air living areas, to a remarkable 300 square metres.

For all those owners less sporty and more devoted to glamour, a sea or fresh water 20 square metres swimming pool, can be placed on demand onto Raised-Deck, while on Main-Deck, we designed an unique 30 square metres “Veranda”, breezy and protected equally, which is a one of a kind and easily accessible in just 5 stairs, both from raised and upper deck.

Big volumes and stowing areas, allow to keep on board a drop keel sailboat, a Moth-Sail and a huge quantity of floating devices, as sups, kayaks, kite-boards, seabobs, jet-boards and all kind of “Over the Railing” you may wish (climbing-walls, sea-pools, sliders, etc.).

A distinctive feature of this project and, quite uncommon on superyachts, is we managed to reduce dramatically big stairs for connecting decks.

The final layout, thanks to smooth insertion of the raised deck, contributed in the perceiving of a stern seamlessly area and volumes.