Online MC Yacht International’s new website www.oceanemo.com, dedicated to the new concep.

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Navigating with the new Sport Utility Yachts starts on-line


May 2016: Up and running the new website www.oceanemo.com dedicated to the discovery of the OceaNemo series, the first Sport Utility Yachts in the world.


The new website showcases the newborn series designed by architect Fulvio De Simoni and has a responsive graphic interface that allows the user to discover all the secrets of this new concept.

The innovation that OceaNemo is bringing to the yachting world with its new Sport Utility Yacht concept, is mirrored in the website that has a contemporary and user-friendly layout that showcases both the fruitful and longstanding partnership between French shipyard OCEA, designer Fulvio De Simoni and Aldo Manna, both the novelties offered to all owners.

Full visibility has been given, above all, to the first model presented worldwide: OceaNemo 44. The project is introduced with the help of a video that shows both the interior and exterior of the yacht, together with the many activities that every Sport Yacht Utility can offer.

Images and technical details of the whole series are available on the website going from the largest model at 65 metres to the smallest at 32 metres. MC Yacht International is also proud to introduce new partners who have come onboard with great enthusiasm; passionate creators and producers of gadgets, amenities and toys that can be embarked on the OceaNemo.  All the toys are well defined by category and directly linked up the producer’s websites so the client can get a real feel for the ample choice of recreation and fun to be had during navigation.


Ample space on the website is also given to the constructor’s shipyard OCEA. Roland Jossard, OCEA’s CEO, professed: “We are extremely proud to have been chosen by Aldo Manna, CEO of MC Yacht International, as the preferred builder of the first Sport Utility Yacht ever to be built. OCEA is involved in the concrete development of this project and our technical department is ready to pass onto the next phase and start construction of the first model. The experience acquired over the years, both in military and yachting fields, allows us to put all the necessary knowledge at the disposal of our clients – from engineering to the best use of materials and the most advanced technology – all in order to  build with the highest construction standards. We are great believers in Aldo Manna’s project. His concept of a Sport Utility Yacht is something absolutely innovative that, we believe, will revolutionize the leisure yacht market”.