A rebranding project to highlight a generational change

Zuccon International Project

ZIP is a multidisciplinary study: established in 1972 and constantly grown over the years, is currently active in several fields, whether engaged actively in the project or acting as a consultant, ranging from architectural to industrial design, from leisure yacht to automotive.

Since January 2013 Zuccon International Project also have a new brand, exclusively dedicated to SuperYacht design: Zuccon SuperYacht Design (ZSYD).


The Case

Zuccon International Project was founded in 1972 by architects Gianni Zuccon and Paola Galeazzi. In 2004 the founder’s son Bernardo and daughter Marina joined the family business. Both architects, they work mainly in the sector of leisure yacht. They have brought new ideas to the family business and from the beginning of 2013 they are in charge of Zuccon SuperYacht Design (ZSYD). The request was for a rebranding intervention, so to comunicate effectively all the changes that were taking place in the Studio, at amanagement level,  with the arrival of the new generation of architects.


The communication strategy, as well as the Company image was to be renewed in virtue of a generational change, but had to be kept all the elements belonging to the Study tradition, having the Study over 40 years of active presence on the market.  Zuccon International Project’s history and the past  still plays an important role in the relationship with customers, at the same time in all projects and concepts developed, the traditional features are always present.


An adv campaign was created, conveying the message of an ongoing changement that still embodies all the element linked to the Study traditions. As part of the whole rebranding activity, together with the adv campaign, a new logo was also created, always with the  intention to communicate the same message.