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February 2016. Blu Martin shipyard, a Sea Engineering Group brand, is preparing to launch on the market, next summer 2016, an extensively revisited version of its bestselling Sea Top 13.90, a model particularly in vogue among the brand’s enthusiasts. The newcomer retains the elegance and charm of the original model, while featuring a more modern style and greater attention to the comfort of guests on board.

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Seven new models under construction for Zuccon International Projects, plus two new projects


2016 promises to be an exciting year for Zuccon International Project: four new vessels designed by the Roman Study are currently being built by Ferretti Group : two by Ferretti Yachts, two by Custom Line and the other three by CRN shipyard in Ancona for which Zuccon’s architects have also developed two new projects for a 50-meter yacht.


    1. Ferretti 450
    2. Ferretti 850
    3. Custom Line Navetta 37
    4. Custom Line Navetta 42
    5. CRN 50 m Superconero
    6. CRN 74 m
    7. CRN 79 m
    8. CRN 50 m Expedition (new project)
    9. CRN 50 m Dislopen (new project)

Zuccon Study has been commissioned to redesign Ferretti Yachts’ entire range, over a period of 3 years. The first models presented cover a wide range: the first one will be the entry level, the Ferretti 450, while the second is the Ferretti 850, a 26-meter with sporty lines, available in two different versions; both currently under construction, they will be presented at the 2016 Yachting Cannes Festival.


An increase in size for the projects presented with Custom Line, the Ferretti Group brand dedicated to fiberglass semi-custom yachts. In the next few months will be officially presented the Navetta 37, a large displacement vessel, and the ‘older sister’ Navetta 42, the biggest yacht ever built by Custom Line, whose first renderings have just been presented at the Yachts Miami Beach 2016. The launch is expected in 2018; Navetta 42 will be organized on 4 decks, fully customizable, and will offer a wide range of solutions to maximize comfort and well-being of guests on board.


CRN shipyard as well is working on several new units, all steel, that will be launched by 2017. In the next months will be officially launched M/Y CRN 131, a 74-meter displacement yacht, while are currently under construction 2 other superyachts of 79 and 50 meters: M/Y CRN 135 and M/Y CRN Superconero. The latter, together with Expedition 50 and Dislopen 50, is part of a 3 models range developed by Zuccon to introduce a flexible design proposal based, however, on the same platform.


Moreover, in addition to the collaboration with the shipyards, it also continues the research activity carried on by Zuccon Superyacht Design division. Back in January 2016 has been unveiled the latest concept, 94m Teti: a new experimental project that transforms the way external spaces are conceived and lived on board large vessels.


The projects’ eclecticism and variety well represent Zuccon International Project’ ability to innovate, always coming up with new proposals that can answer to several requirements and differ in size, construction materials, types, shapes and functions. A rare ability, if not unique, in the yacht design industry.


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Cascina, February 2016. First time at the Dubai International Boat Show for CMC Marine from March 1th to the 5th. CMC Marine stand will be in the Equipment Supplies & Services area, where the Company will present the whole electric product range.

Just one month after the participation at the 2016 Eurasia Boat Show in Istanbul, CMC Marine keeps looking towards east, to present its innovative product range also on the Middle Eastern markets, on which the company, currently among the Italian and European leaders in its industry, is getting ready to launch its products, particularly those of the innovative electric range for which CMC Marine has long been internationally known.

At the Dubai Boat Show, along with CMC Marine, there will also be the local dealer BTS Marin, responsible for the consulting, sales and after-sales services in Turkey and Middle East. Relying on the systems’ increasing success during the past 2015, mirrored by a net increase in sales and all the positive feedback collected from the clients, the two Companies are now aiming at getting in contact directly with local shipyards and owners.

Federico Fiocchini, CMC Marine Sales and Marketing Manager, talks about the reasons behind the Company’s decision to participate as exhibitor: “The participation in the Dubai Boat Show is part of our international development program, that has a particularly strong focus in the superyachts area. Many of the shipyards that will be in Dubai already have chosen to install our systems on board and we believe that our presence there will be a positive signal for them as well. A strong focus on customers, plus the ability to follow up immediately to any kind of request, are key points in our strategy. At the same time, we are looking forward to expand on a new market that has already, on several occasions, shown interest for our products “.


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The world’s leading builder of yachts over 24 metres in length is attending Yachts Miami Beach 2016, the boat show organised in Miami from February 11 to 15, with an impressive fleet of twenty-one models in the 10 to 63 metre range, four of which are making their debut on the American market. Consolidating its position of world leadership, the brand reports value of production standing at EUR 680 million, up 11% in the last two years, and investments in the current three-year period of over EUR 100 million.

  • Twenty-one new models in the next three years. Azimut plans to develop fourteen new models by the end of 2019, with Benetti adding seven new semicustom projects to its range in the same period.
  • Benetti yachts has launched the first of a remarkable four Gigayachts it is building of over 90 metres in length.
  • A fleet of 21 models. The Group is taking a fleet of no less than 21 models to the show in all five Azimut Yachts collections. Of these, two Azimut Yachts and two Benetti models are making their US debut. The Group has also unveiled its new Azimut Verve 40 project.
  • Position of leadership. Azimut Benetti Group is the world’s leading builder of yachts over 24 metres in length for the 16th year running, reporting value of production standing at EUR 680 million in the period 2014-15.
  • Innovation and R&D. Investments worth over EUR 100 million in solutions based on innovative technology in the three-year period 2014/15 – 2016/17.

February 2016. With an impressive fleet of twenty-one models, ranging from the Azimut Atlantis 34 to the Benetti Custom FB265 flagship, Azimut Benetti Group is gearing up to welcome visitors to Yachts Miami Beach 2016.

The Azimut Yachts stand will be hosting two of the top attractions at the show, both making their debut in America. They are each about 21 metres in length and represent two very different styles of navigation. The first is the Italian long range Azimut Magellano 66, while the second, the Azimut 66, forms part of the Flybridge collection and is the latest icon of the ground-breaking construction technology developed by the shipyard.

The Miami show will also provide the opportunity to present the first rendering of the powerful Azimut Verve 40 centre-console yacht, with three 350 hp outboard engines. Highly regarded by the American public, this model’s official launch is planned for 2016.
At the show, Benetti is presenting the 42-metre Crystal 140’ M/Y “Mr. D” to the American public for the first time and another of the Shipyard’s masterpieces, the famous FB265, “II.II”.

Azimut Benetti Group continues to implement is range expansion and upgrade programme with an incredible 21 new models planned over the coming three years, 14 for Azimut Yachts and 7 for Benetti.

There are three main research & development areas:
– Innovative new construction materials including carbon fibre and GRP coupled with aluminium.
– Research into high-efficiency hulls, like the D2P – Displacement to Planning and the Dual Mode hull introduced in the Magellano Collection.
– POD transmission systems to deliver optimum performance across different lengths and types of yacht and styles of navigation.

To cater for these innovations, extensive resources have been assigned to optimising production through increasingly sophisticated process engineering initiatives, in such a way as to integrate cutting edge industrial technology with typically Italian manufacturing excellence.

The key to success is continuous range renewal, as demonstrated by the sales results reported for the new Azimut 72 and Azimut Magellano 66 models, which are already all sold out, and the Azimut Atlantis 43, of which a remarkable 72 units have been purchased in the last twelve months. The numbers speak for themselves, with Azimut Benetti Group reporting 11% growth in value of production, which rose to EUR 680 million in 2014-15. These results are confirmed by the Group’s leadership for the last 16 years running of the world ranking for new yachts under construction of 24 metres and longer (2016 Global Order Book published by ShowBoats). Azimut Yachts makes a significant contribution to this growth, with rising turnover forecast to exceed EUR 300 million this year, representing an improvement of 23% on a three-year basis and annual production of a full 300 units.

The Benetti shipyard adds another record to the total, this one in the Gigayacht segment, with four units over 90 metres in length under construction at the company’s Livorno yards, making it Italy’s leading builder of Gigayachts.

On the commercial front, the Group has strengthened its sales network in Canada by signing two new dealerships, bringing the total to three. There has been especially strong sales growth in Mexico as a result of the dealer network expansion policy launched two years ago. All this demonstrates the importance of the American market, on which the Italian shipyard consolidates not only its position of leadership year after year, but also its role as an ambassador of Italian made excellence.


Luca D’Ambrosio


Founder of Net2Web (business incubator with a focus on the web industry) and creator of, the web portal dedicated to the world of yachting and sailing, Luca D’Ambrosio was CEO and president of the Visiant Group until 2014, when he founded his own web company, that immediately became leader in its industry.


Which was the original idea behind

The web portal was born from an intuition that led us to fill a market niche that was so far unexplored. We didn’t wanto to create a classic website, neither a one-stop-shop about navigation, but rather a virtual place where every user’s request could be satisfyed. The idea is to provide a wide range of informations and services with a unique web portal, so that users won’t have to navigate from one website to another to search and obtain the information or the services they are looking for. Since the very beginning we received great feedback and users kept coming back to our portal with different requests.


Which sections were born with the web portal?

The first sections of the web portal were Schede Barche, Arti e Mestieri, Didattica and il Portolano online (Boats database, Nautical Arts and Crafts, Nautical didactics, Harbours and Mooring). Then, step by step, we increased the offer by adding more sections to provide the users a wider range of services.


Which was the most successful service?

The Virtual Boat Show section, which opened in September and immediately obtained the 20% of the whole portal traffic, and then the Magazine. However, when analizing the browsing data, for a lot of sections we have to take into account the seasonality (i.e. the Harbours and Mooring section is largely frequented during April, May and September); success is, consequentely, depending on the period of the year.


Which was (and still is) the most satisfactory one?

The Magazine, with no doubts. On an emotional level, we find very satisfying to actually create it and this probably is quite obvious, because an increasing number of readers keep showing a great enthusiasm and interest about it.


Do you have any new ideas about the future of the portal?

The next step is the internationalization, which will happen very soon. The portal will be released in four new languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian. We will cover up a wide area of international users.


Can you tell us something very important to you about

I’d really like to remember that is a media system that refused the traditional one-way layout in order to embrace a new bidirectional one. Our social media part consists of Twitter and Facebook (the most active ones), Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, but shortly we will add also an Instagram profile. has been the first sailing and yachting media of this kind, and still is quite unique in its format. It suits different needs and follow different mechanisms: this has chaned the way of communicating news and services. That’s the most important characteristic – and the most innovative – of our portal.


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Cascina, February 2016. CMC Marine reaffirms once more the importance of the Turkish market by taking part in the Eurasia Boat Show, international exhibition of increasing importance, which will take place from February the 13th to the 21st 2016 in Istanbul. The co-exhibitor of CMC Marine, as it was in the 2015 edition, will be the Turkish BTS Marine, exclusive dealer in Turkey and Middle East.


Started back in 2014, the partnership will be further reinforced with this second conjoined participation at the Turkish Boat Show, while at the same time CMC Marine will consolidate its presence among Turkish shipyards and owners.


The Turkish market, in fact, has a great potential for CMC Marine’s products and systems, whose unique features makes them ideal not only for new built – vessels from 18 to 60 meters – but also for refit projects, activity in which Turkish shipyards are extremely competitive. Fruitful collaborations are already active with some of the most important Turkish shipyards, such as Tansu Yacht, Numarine, ATM Shipyard and ICT Shipyard.


Talking about CMC Marine’s systems great success on the Turkish market, Tayfun Turk, BTS Marin CEO, declared: “Builders and owners have been very enthusiastic about Stabilis Electra (the electrical stabilizing systems) in the 24-48 meter range and recently also in the 48-65 meters range. In Turkey too, clients with larger boats appreciate the exceptional performances of our electric systems. It is definitely an increasing market for us.”


The increasing interest around CMC Marine’s offer has been proven by the rapid increase in the sales during last year (+50% compared to 2014, while for 2016 already promises a further doubling) and strong signals of growth are registered for 2016 too, thanks to the synergies that the two companies are able to promote: CMC Marine’s experience and high quality standards,  together with the attentive technical assistance dedicated by BTS Marine to the clients in the area.


CMC Marine will be at the Eurasia Boat Show from February 13th to the 21st 2016   

Hall 6, stand C11