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APM Terminals Vado Ligure

Our collaboration with APM Terminals Vado Ligure

Our main goal is to increase the brand awareness on a regional and national level, focusing on the strategic communication plan implementation.

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Azimut Yachts

Azimut Yachts is a brand of the Azimut|Benetti Group. With the collections Atlantis, Magellano Flybridge, S and Grande, it offers a wide range of yachts of between 34 and 120 feet. It operates in 70 countries with a network of 138 sales and assistance centres and has direct representative and assistance offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Fort Lauderdale (USA) and Itajai (Brazil).


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Our collaboration with Azimut Yachts

Our project with Azimut Yachts focus on the daily strategic communication plan implementation. With a detailed press office management we ensure a constant presence on the national and international media of the most recent news about the Shipyard, so to generate an increasing interest around all the initiatives, brands and luxury yachts.

We are also defining several projects related to the Group’s internal communication, while developing – in cooperation with Azimut|Benetti marketing department – a common strategy for what it concernes the Corporate Image.


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Benetti Yachts

With the highest growth rate among the world’s builders of super and mega yachts, Benetti, founded in 1873, the oldest Italian builder of motor-yachts, is the icon of timeless Italian styling combined with excellence in construction. Each yacht is unique, built around her owner’s needs and desires.

Benetti designs, builds and markets two product lines: the Class Range with composite construction from 93′ to145′, and Custom with steel and aluminum construction over 45 meters in length.

Benetti has three sites: Viareggio (77.707 m2), Livorno (219.440 m2) and Fano (48.837 m2). Headquarters for Benetti is in their historic building in Viareggio, Via Coppino 104, with offices in Leghorn, Fort Lauderdale, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Benetti is part of the Azimut|Benetti Group, the world’s largest private capital luxury nautical group.


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Benetti Now project


Our collaboration with Benetti Yachts

Our project with Benetti focus on the daily strategic communication plan implementation. With a detailed press office management we ensure a constant presence on the national and international media of the most recent news about the Shipyard, so to generate an increasing interest around all the initiatives, brands and luxury yachts.

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Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli

Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli will celebrate in just two years the 100th anniversary of the current location in San Carlo in Gargnano sul Garda. Still headed by the Feltrinelli family, local from Gargnano and dedicated to shipbuilding since the end of ‘400, it is the exclusive Frauscher importer in Italy, as well as Volvo Penta and Mercruiser authorized workshop. A highly qualified team, skilled and experienced, together with modern, advanced structures, enables the Shipyard to offer customers a complete service of the highest quality.

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CantiereFeltrinelli_Aerea (3)


Our collaboration with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli

Our collaboration is focused on promoting the Shipyard and its services localy and nationaly. Specific projects have been developed to promote the resort – Nautic Resort San Carlo  – also run by the Feltrinelli family.

Together with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli and Frauscher Boat our studio is promoting the brand Frauscher Italia in Italy through a constant press office activity.


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CMC Marine

Based in Pisa, Tuscany, CMC Marine is a major international player operates in the market for yacht’ stabilizing systems and thruster. Highly technical approach, detailed design and ability to guarantee product performance. CMC Marine designs and build the most sophisticated ship stabilization systems and thrusters; in 2010 the Company invented and patented the Stabilis Electra: the world’s only stabilization system with electrical transmission (EU PATENT n°2172394). CMC Marine also hold a patent on the new, advanced electronic control system DIA-LOG (n° T02012A000472), standard equipment on all the innovative SE Integrated System.


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 CMC Marine new headquarter

Our Collaboration with CMC Marine

Our collaboration began back when the Company was founded, with an activity strongly focused on media relations and press office management, so to increase the Brand visibility on the Italian and International markets, as well as to promote the entire product offer.

Over the years  marketing, brand and corporate identity strategies have been designed and implemented along with the planning of advertising campaigns. On the occasion of the Stabilis Electra launch – curently the company’s key product – was created a communication and marketing plan; at the same time a new website for CMC Marine was redesigned and developed.


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Evo Yachts

Evo Yachts is a young and enthusiast Italian shipyard with a focus on innovative and rule-breaking models, the shipyard made itself known to the nautical world with the new revolutionary model, EVO 43 joint by the new EVO Walkaround, world premiere at Cannes Yachting Festival 2017.

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Evo Yachts 43_external_open


Our collaboration with Evo Yachts

Our collaboration with the shipyard began on the occasion of the EVO43 launch; the shiptard first model was presented on the Italian and international market through an intensive media relation activities, as well as a series of events dedicated to top clients, influencers and journalist.

Press office activities are planned and implemented, in collaboration with Evo Yachts’ marketing department, so to constantly increase the interest around the model and the Shipyard, both in Italy and abroad.

Interesting Stories

Social Media Management: how can we increase audience engagement? 

Social Media Management

Finding the perfect formula that will make consumers interact with a specific content is surely every social media manager dream, that’s why we find AOL’s new research quite interesting. AOL Insights analyzed over 7,300 moments when a person engaged with specific content and find out more about what kind of content are more appealing for a certain target. Knowing who will be more likely to interact with specific content and why, could help develop better  content, resulting in  impactful connections with consumers on any device.


Our clients

Frauscher Boats

Since 1927 the name Frauscher Boat stands for innovative and high quality boats and yachts. Premium standards, modern design and a unique driving performance have made Frauscher boats what they are today: motor, electric and sailing yachts which inspire and arouse emotions. In Italy brand’s models are imported by Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, Frauscher exclusive importer.


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Frauscher Boats 747 Mirage Air back-side view


Our collaboration with Frauscher Boats

The promotion activities carried on for Frauscher Boats are strongly linked with the activities implemented with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli.

After launching the brand Frauscher Italia in Italy we continue to promote the Shipyard and its model through media relations and press office activities, with contents dedicated to the Italian market and developed in collaboration with the Austrian marketing team. Together with Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli we organize several events reserved to top customers, as well as Italian and International journalist, to promote new models’ launch and keep on increasing the Brand awareness.

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Gulf Craft

Founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1982, Gulf Craft is an award-winning manufacturer of luxury yachts and fiberglass boats, and one of the world’s top 10 superyacht builders.

Gulf Craft has built a distinguished reputation as a manufacturer of world-class craft, with an unrivaled range of yachts and boats, starting from 27 feet and reaching 155 feet in length, displaying a continuously expanding fleet of fishing and family boats, sport yachts and cruisers, and semi-customized luxury superyachts.

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Gulf Craft Majesty 135, MYS 2015 (37)

Our collaboration with Gulf Craft

The Shipyard request is for an important press office support and representation during the most important European luxury boat shows, such as the Monaco Boat Show or the Cannes Yachting Festival , unique opportunities for the Gulf Craft to present their luxury models to the European market.

A strategic communication plan is then delined, defining key messages and targets,  and a media relations plan is implemented so to  to fully exploit every opportunity to introduce the new models to an audience as wide as possible, ensuring a massive presence on the dedicated press. Press conference and exclusive events are organized, as well as sea trials, interviews and visits on board.


Our clients

Nautic Resort San Carlo

Nautic Resort San Carlo is located on the Lake Garda shore, right in the middle of a 20.000 smq olive tree. Run by the Feltrinelli family, is composed by a beautiful villa and cozy cottages. The whole complex  respects the canons of a traditional local village and overlooks the picturesque scenery of Lake Garda. Particular attention to environmental sustainability: the cottages, as well as other housing types in the structure, are entirely powered by renewable energy sources and guests are provided an electric minicar to move freely within the Residence.


Nautic Resort S. Carlo_Gargnano sul Garda (9) (1024x654)

Our collaboration with Nautic Resort San Carlo

Having the resort  opened only recently to the public, the request was for a press office activity, aimed at promoting the Resort and its offer to a larger audience, both Italian and northern European.

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The multi-year partnership with OCEA, leading shipyard in France for the construction of military ships and aluminum boats, led the entrepreneur Aldo Manna to develop the OCEANEMO project, jointly with the French shipyard and the world-renown yacht-designer, Fulvio De Simoni. Aldo Manna created the first Sport Utility Yacht, a revolutionary new yacht concept, which presents a series of models which are one of kind for functionality, aesthetics and space conceptions: the OCEANEMO range developed in three projects: m33, m44 and m55.

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Our collaboration with Oceanemo

Our projects with Oceanemo aims at developing a solid media relations plan and, through a constant press office activity, introducing the new brand and its services to a wider audience, in Italy and abroad. Strategic communication and editorial plans has been developed and implemented so to ensure a constant presence on the dedicated media, both traditional and online .

Our clients

Zuccon International Project

Founded in Rome by the architects Gianni Zuccon and his wife Paola Galeazzi, Zuccon International Project are highly skilled multidisciplinary architects and industrial designers. Active in various sectors producing designs for offices and especially yachts, they are considered a leading international design firm. Today, they are working extensively with four of the seven brands of the Ferretti Group. In 2013 launched the new brand Zuccon SuperYacht Design (ZSYD) dedicated exclusively to the superyacht sector.


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 La nuova generazione dello Studio Zuccon International Project. I figli dei fondatori, Bernardo e Martina Zuccon

Our collaboration with Zuccon International Project

Our project with the Study is carried on through constant media relations  and press office activities, so to increase the awareness and the visibility of the Brand and their project on the national and international media.

Interviews, editorials, adv campaigns are defined and monitored, to ensure a good coverage on the dedicated press.

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Yamaha Motor Italia

Leading brand in Italy – and the whole world – in the production of technologically innovative outboard engines. In Italy Yamaha Motor offers the most complete range of outboard motors as well as a watercraft line characterized by high technological content, secure and reliable. Finally, Yamaha Motor has an exclusive partnership with Cantieri Capelli for the distribution of boats and tenders.


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Yamaha Motor Italia_F350 in azione (4)

Our collaboration with Yamaha Motor Italia

Our collaboration with Yamaha Motor Italia is oriented towards the products’ promotion on the Italian market, with the aim to increase the visibility and brand awareness. The social management plays a key role, with a particular focus on the Facebook page that counts more than 27,000 followers (january 2017), that receives constant updates on the latest models, activities and the greatest deals.


(press release) After launching two powerboats on the international market featuring extremely innovative design and contents – the 42R and the 44GT – the latter a Motor Boat Awards 2015 finalist – the Revolver team is now working on a new design that taps into a rapidly growing segment of the current nautical market i.e., the high performance center console with outboard engine.

The new model was designed by Italian designer Alberto Mancini (AM Yacht Design), who also designed the successful Revolver 44GT. It will be a 13-metre center console specially geared towards the USA and UAE markets as well as others.